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Nabeela Al-Mishri

  Owner & President

Eng. Nabeela Al-Mishri is the Owner and President of Kuwait Technical Consulting Bureau
since 1985. The decision maker on staff resources and setting out the culture of the company
while keeping a good face of the organization. Overall Management of the Design Projects,
Supervision Project, Business Development and Marketing, Accounts and Finance to make sure
that every aspect is in effective way to secure firm’s prosperity and liability, such as new jobs for
the firm, especially when dealing with various Public and Private Sector Clients. The Presidents
will also be responsible for ensuring that information about the firm is accurate and the proposal
is being pitched in a proper way to ensure the fulfillment of the Technical and Financial
competency towards Client's needs. During the course of a Project, there are bound to be some
issues that arises and the President will be responsible for helping to sort out the Major Issues
with the Clients if there are disagreements about the processes used during the project apart
from the Contractual requirements, or in the final product. The president will ensure that the
Design or Supervision team has completed what contractually specified while ensuring the
Client’s satisfaction.